Konstantine Petrov

Enjoying the team spirit and continual backup support

My story with Glaston started three years before I really joined the company. In the late 90s, I worked for a glass processing company in Russia where I was responsible for the company’s entire technological process, starting from glass pre-processing through to packing. At some point, the company purchased one of Russia’s first Glaston (Tamglass) flat glass tempering lines.

I remember asking the installation crew about the possibility to join Glaston. “Learn all you can about the machine and the process, and we’ll call you,” was the reply.

So, I learned. And I was called in 2001 when I officially joined Glaston’s maintenance service team.

A Glaston Service Engineer is a universal, high-caliber worker – a true professional in all areas of mechanics, pneumatics, automation and, of course, in actual machine operation. The job means dealing with all kinds of glass processing machinery, starting from flat glass tempering furnaces to bending and tempering lines and on to automotive machines. It means learning something new every day.

Service and after-sales support have always been among the most important areas at Glaston. I often put myself in the customers’ shoes to get a better understanding of their expectations. Our customers value a strong focus on their business, quick problem-solving, and the best offering of spares and upgrades that are carefully defined according to their needs.

As Glaston is a really strong brand, it is a great privilege to work here. Being part of Glaston is all about teamwork, team spirit and continual backup support. Especially when you are far away from the office, your colleagues and your family – it is important to know you have strong backup from the HQ, sales and technical teams.

As I have always been interested in international work, Glaston’s global operations are perfect for me. I now have a lot of experience from the former Soviet Union, Europe and Asia Pacific. For example, when Glaston’s operations in ex-USSR countries were steadily growing, I was appointed to be this region’s Service Manager. Then, when I was offered a position with Glaston Singapore, it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. And it turned into a truly incredible experience with so many different cultures, places and people.

Nowadays, I am working for Glaston’s Australian branch, where I can share all my knowledge and experience with Glaston’s customers across Australia and New Zealand.

To be honest, being on the move all the time, doing service work at customer sites, is sometimes stressful. It takes time to adapt to the new environments – starting from different climates and time zones – to new people, local food, unknown habits and ways of organizing things. Still, the reward is a unique opportunity to see the world.