Melisa Tulppo

Enjoying working with my hands

I first got to know Glaston through an internship during the spring of 2013 – and I’ve stayed here ever since. In 2014, I got a permanent job in Glaston as a machine mechanic.

My main job is to connect the electricity within the glass processing machines. In practice, I check the connections from electrical drawings and then make all the necessary connections for the machines. In addition, I do some installation and testing of the machine parts. Normally, I start work at 6:00 am and finish by 2:30 pm.

The best thing about my job is that I get to work with my hands at my own pace. Even if the installation is series work, each machine is still different and the installation takes several weeks. Special equipment, which our customers have ordered, also adds diversity to my job. I can truly say that my work is so varied and diverse, it never gets boring.

Sometimes, our foreign visitors seem puzzled when they see a woman doing the actual factory assembly work. Maybe it’s something special for them. But at Glaston, we have several of us women working in the factory.

I have enjoyed working at Glaston since the beginning of my internship. Although my dream was to become a school teacher, this has been a successful choice for me.

Glaston is a nice place to work. The factory hall is clean, I have nice colleagues and the work itself is interesting. We have a good atmosphere and team spirit. This makes a big difference. And it’s nice to come to work.