Vesna Pavlovic

Enjoying striving to make our customers’ lives brighter

I read long ago that only 10% of working-age people are doing the job they like, 5% are following their passion and 3–5% do not set any goals at all – the rest are just living from day to day. When I joined Glaston Group with already 9 years of experience in this industry, I discovered that no one is only halfway happy here – it’s always 100% of effort and passion, if not more.

It has been, and still is, an adventurous journey and consistent learning curve that has helped me develop my leadership and management skills in the more than 5 years I have been with the company.

Surrounded by people who work hard and respect you for what you do, there is always the support, resources and platform to do great work.

As a sales person, I was most attracted to Glaston because it is a place to work with a strong focus on quality that has been delivered to the market for decades. When you find yourself leading the market and being part of a company with such a long heritage, you feel a big responsibility to do your share to pass this on to the next generation.

My daily schedule is all about good organization and hard work to support our customers by providing the best technology and the highest quality. Every day at Glaston is about delivering the greatest experience, being innovative and finding an approach to every single customer as if this were our only one. Working here means keeping customers’ needs at the top of mind until that moment you can sleep peacefully knowing that you have fulfilled what was promised.

What I love most is to be part of a bigger picture. When you recognize your work walking next to an ultra-modern glass building, passing by the most fashionable boutiques with amazing glass facades, enjoying coffee on a glass balcony or staying at a hotel where all the interior and exterior glass was tempered with our high-quality furnaces – this is priceless and fills my heart with joy.

I truly enjoy striving to make our customers’ lives brighter by using our technology.

That’s a great feeling!