Arla Tulppo

Enjoying the versatility of my work

I graduated from the Tampere Vocational School in Hervanta, Finland, in the spring of 2014, and in December of that same year, I started working at Glaston.

I work in the assembly hall where my work includes taking care of the electrical connections for the glass processing machines as well as the machine assembly. The best thing about my job is its versatility. Each machine is different, and I get to work with the assembly of different sections of the machines. I did similar work before Glaston, but I enjoy working here the most. Our hall is neat and clean, and it is safe to work here. All employee safety issues are followed carefully.

This is a very male-oriented working field. And perhaps in the beginning, I wondered what the older men working here were thinking of me. However, everything has been very normal since the beginning. It probably helps that I have always been the reckless and experimental one of my siblings and preferred playing much more with boys.

Persons who enjoy working in this job must not be afraid of the work. They also have to be active and social. It’s important to have the courage to do difficult tasks and to ask for advice, if necessary.

My positive first impression of Glaston has continued. People in here are open and transparent. Everyone greets each other when walking by. This helps add to the good team spirit. Plus, it’s fantastic to know that you can always get help when you ask.