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1 About this Site Policy
Glaston Corporation (“Glaston” or “We”) welcomes you to this website and hopes that you enjoy your visit. Please read this website policy (“Site Policy”) carefully prior to using our webpages. If you do not agree with this Site Policy, we expect you to leave our webpages.

This Site Policy determines certain legal aspects related to Glaston’s webpages and it is general to all Glaston websites unless Glaston has case-by-case set forth more specific policies.

Glaston applies high level of protection and generally recognized principles of the European Union to the processing of personal data. Please review our Privacy Statement made available to you on our webpages at
Glaston is a Finnish company existing under Finnish law. Consequently, this Site Policy is governed by the material laws of Finland. View the whole document


1 About this Privacy Statement

This privacy statement (“Privacy Statement”) is related to the online services of Glaston Corporation (“Glaston” or “We”). It provides you with general information on the processing of your personal data by Glaston as data controller. Please read this Privacy Statement carefully prior to accessing Glaston online services, including our webpages. If you do not agree with this Privacy Statement, we expect you to stop using our online services.

Glaston is committed to protecting your privacy and personal data. We process your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Statement and applicable laws including European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Statement, so we hope that you review this Privacy Statement from time to time.  View the whole document