FC Series EVO

The evolution of intelligent tempering

Looking for the most energy-efficient and user-friendly glass tempering?
Here are three reasons why Glaston FC Series EVO is your best choice



  • Market-leading optical quality based on proven Glaston technologies
  • Reliable and consistent production output
  • Flexibility to process any glass type



  • Unmatched energy efficiency with circulated-air convection
  • Advanced cooling solutions for further energy savings
  • Optimized loading efficiency ensures the highest yield



  • Glaston Autopilot for intelligent process automation
  • Easy to operate and produces consistent results every shift
  • Future-proof choice with ever-evolving Glaston technologies and services

Intelligent design for lowest operating costs

Glaston FC Series EVO, the latest advancement in our flat glass tempering lines, is the smart, energy-efficient, and flexible solution for today’s dynamic glass market.

Built on proven Glaston technologies, FC Series EVO features the most advanced circulated-air convection on the market. As a result, it processes any glass type at the highest energy efficiency. The line also enables seamless product switching, saving valuable time on changeovers.

Its optimized loading further reduces your energy consumption while achieving exceptional productivity.

With state-of-the-art automation, the new tempering line guarantees optimized and consistent production throughout every shift. Plus, operating the line is exceptionally easy.

Glaston FC Series EVO sets a new world standard in flat glass tempering, raising processors’ capabilities a notch higher.


Consolidated Glass Corporation, U.S.A.

#flat glass laminating #laminating #ProL #safety glass

“We saw the move into laminating glass as an exciting opportunity to explore. It gives us an open door to many new areas, such as security, acoustic and decorative glass. After thoroughly reviewing six lines, we chose Glaston’s ProL lamination thanks to its convection heating and simplicity,” say Consolidated Glass Corporation’s Brad Bartley, General Manager, and Lindsey Merryman, Lamination Line Program Manager.

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Industriglas, Sweden

#architectural #automation #flat glass tempering #glass tempering #glass tempering process #RC Series #reference #safety glass #scanner #tempered glass #upgrades

“For nearly 25 years, our second-hand Glaston tempering line served customers with quality glass tempering. But after numerous upgrades and rebuilds, it was simply time to invest in a new tempering line. Glaston’s RC Series fit our needs. Now, we’re looking forward to operating it for the next 20+ years,” says Mats Pihlqvist, Site Manager at Industriglas AB in Jönköping, Sweden.

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AURYS, France

#appliances #automation #autopilot #energy efficiency #flat glass tempering #glass tempering #interior #RC Series #reference

“We had an excellent opportunity to replace our two older tempering furnaces with one new Glaston RC Series line to reduce energy consumption, avoid problems with outdated spare parts and beef up our production with more automation,” says Samir Bou Obeid, Chairman of AURYS.

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