LAK – transportador de montagem

Eis aqui três motivos para escolher o LAK


Escolha dentre várias alternativas de layout de acordo com seus requisitos de produção


Escolha uma linha personalizada


Escolha uma entrega "chave na mão" com uma sala limpa e instalações de armazenamento

Para a montagem contínua de PVB e anéis de desaeração.

Nossa linha de produtos na área de montagem de PVB e desaeração abrange todos os tamanho de para-brisa no mercado e diversos níveis de capacidade e possibilidades de layout de processo para os requisitos dos clientes.


Long Nhien, Vietnam

#automotivo #de para-brisa #Dobra #Matrix

“The market in Vietnam for cars is very large with lots of room for growth. People are becoming wealthier, and sitting in a car is more comfortable than being on a scooter, which may be prohibited in the next few years,” says Nguyen Phuong Tran, Production Manager, and son of Long Nhien Automotive Glass’s owners, about his home market. “The Glaston Matrix windshield bending furnace is a stepping stone for us to tap into this rapidly expanding business of hundreds of thousands new cars per year.”

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Crystal Safety Glass, Malásia

#Laminação #ProL #Substituição da câmara de aquecimento

Enhancing its flat glass lamination line by replacing outdated components with new technology, Malaysia-based Crystal Safety Glass (CSG) turned an expensive problem into an unexpectedly positive experience. The move was not easy, but it helped bring the processor’s existing line back up to date with an impressive list of value-added features. For the plant operators, the upgrade lowered the cost of modernizing the existing line and provided less downtime, higher productivity and significant improvements in energy consumption.

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Glassworks, Australia

#aparelhos #arquitetônico #FC Series #têmpera plana

“Our aim has always been to bring the best technology and machinery from around the world to serve our market with highly customized solutions in glass,” says Michael Gleeson, Executive Director of Glassworks, in Melbourne, Australia. “With the addition of the Glaston FC Series furnace, we are now capable of handling even larger and more sophisticated pieces, bringing new dimensions in glass innovation to Australia.”

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