HYPERFEX Grinding wheels

The revolution in edge grinding


Highest grinding capacity


Highest grinding quality


Highest process reliability

The revolution in edge grinding

Glaston has developed a new type of grinding wheel system HYPERFEX in co-operation with experts and research institutions, which is individually tailored to the respective application. In the developing process our focus has been on the holistic view of the entire process in glass pre-processing for a wide range of applications, as the individual aspects interact with each other.

The new HYPERFEX product family consists of the followings:

  • HYPERFEX VOLUME for high material removal
  • HYPERFEX FAST for high grinding speeds
  • HYPERFEX FINE for utmost surface quality

Your benefits:

  • More grooves for more grinding capacity – depending on the glass thickness, up to ten grooves per grinding wheel are possible
  • Glaston Insight Automotive solutions – pre-defined software packages for perfect process support
  • Optional 2D scanner – dynamic monitoring of the profile geometry and the diameter of the grinding wheel


Glas Gasperlmair, Austria

#appliances #architectural #flat laminating #laminating #ProL #Upgrades

Mr. Marco Peric at Glas Gasperlmair in Austria is sharing his & his team's experiences on working with Glaston ProL glass laminating lines.

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PLG, Finland

#architectural #Flat tempering #RC Series #Upgrades

“We’ve always been an important partner to the large window manufacturers in Finland. Listening to their needs and responding has helped us stay competitive in this market,” Tommi Nousiainen, CEO of PLG in Finland, explains. “We were not specifically looking for a tempering furnace. But when our customers began to require high-quality tempered glass, we moved swiftly ahead with an entry-level Glaston RC model. Since then, we have already been able to upgrade the line twice in response to the rapidly evolving market.” 

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Lasiliiri, Finland

#appliances #architectural #Flat tempering #Heating chamber replacement #iControL #Upgrades

“Although our goal is to be one of the leading smart and safety glass manufacturers in Finland, we didn’t have the time needed to install a completely new furnace,” says Raiko Mäkeläinen, Technical Manager at Lasiliiri. “Instead, we went with a significant Glaston’s FC-zone upgrade, which enabled us to leapfrog to the very latest heating technology in a quick, cost-effective and sustainable manner.”

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5 promises of convection technology in windshield bending

By the laws of physics, convection is the most efficient way to transfer heat. But what arguments back it up in practice? Let’s dive deeper and explore beyond...

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Important service factors in glass lamination

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