Career in Glaston

There are many reasons why working at Glaston may be right for you. Here are just a few:

Grow with us. We continuously aim at bringing new technology solutions and innovations to the glass processing market. You have the opportunity to work together with the best experts in the field and build a stronger role for the use of glass in the future. We focus on a high level of know-how and enable you to develop an inspiring career path with us.

Seeing it through is one of our core values. This is evident in our transparent way of working, our job accountability and our customer service. We also offer you well-being initiatives and make sure you have what you need to advance in your job. We take our work seriously, but also know how to get things done in a flexible and relaxed manner without any unnecessary bureaucracy.

Best customer experience. For us, creating the best possible customer experience is what our work is all about. This is one of the main reasons customers choose Glaston. We have a passion for high-quality glass performance and this can be seen in all we do. We’re proud to be able to help glass processors reach their goals by supporting them with the most modern technology.

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Working at Glaston

Take a closer look at Glaston’s Tampere site in Finland. The product range includes machinery for the flat glass tempering, bending and tempering, windshield bending and laminating, flat glass laminating for the architectural, automotive, solar and appliances industry.

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Meet our people

Konstantine Petrov

My story with Glaston started three years before I really joined the company. In the late 90s, I worked for a glass processing company in Russia where I was responsible for the company’s entire technological process, starting from glass pre-processing through to packing. At some point, the company purchased one of Russia’s first Glaston (Tamglass) flat glass tempering lines.

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Melisa Tulppo

I first got to know Glaston through an internship during the spring of 2013 – and I’ve stayed here ever since. In 2014, I got a permanent job in Glaston as a machine mechanic. My main job is to connect the electricity within the glass processing machines. In practice, I check the connections from electrical drawings and then make all the necessary connections for the machines.

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Sami Kelin

In 2001, I began my career at Glaston as an engineer trainee in the electrical and automation department. And in retrospect, this is how it all began for me at Glaston. After graduating as an electrical automation engineer, I continued working with electrical engineering until 2003 when I transferred to become an installation supervisor. In this position, I literally supervised our machine installations all over the world.

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Vesna Pavlovic

I read long ago that only 10% of working-age people are doing the job they like, 5% are following their passion and 3–5% do not set any goals at all – the rest are just living from day to day. When I joined Glaston Group with already 9 years of experience in this industry, I discovered that no one is only halfway happy here – it’s always 100% of effort and passion, if not more.

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