How would you define a lifecycle-long commitment to customers? For us, it means taking equally good care of new customers as well as those who have been doing business with us since the very beginning in the 1970s. The latest and most advanced control system of the market, Glaston iControL is now available as an upgrade for Glaston flat tempering furnaces, regardless of their age.

Fast to learn– Easy to use

iControL  automation system  has been designed by paying special attention to user-friendly features. One of them is an operator-specific interface based on full touch screen technology that helps operators customize advantageous production practices for better results. The control system is based on intuitive user technology with illustrative graphics. It is consistent with the most common and familiar user technologies, so that the new system is fast to learn and easy to use.

Expanded and error-free production with intelligence

iControL upgrade introduces a wide range of automated features to boost production. Our design goal has been to incorporate as much intelligence into the system as possible to eliminate manual functions and thereby human errors. One of these cutting-edge, automated features is an extensive recipe library in which all production data is logged. You can store a large number of value parameters to automatically produce different glass types in the best possible way – easily and efficiently.

Easy and quick maintenance

To support your production efficiency, iControL is equipped with easy maintenance features. Remote access enables quick troubleshooting and diagnostics of your system to minimize production disturbances. The upgrade is more compact and includes fewer parts than aged control systems, thereby requiring both minimized floor space and maintenance.

Glaston automation