Making smart use of glass in modern architecture

Modern architecture makes such a strong statement because of glass. Its design capabilities are limitless. When processed correctly, this unique material fulfills not only aesthetic demands but also safety, durability, sound insulation, as well as thermal and solar control requirements. What’s more, glass is key to truly sustainable and low-energy buildings.

With the boom in state-of-the-art glass façades throughout the world, requirements for processing efficiency, quality features, and sophistication are growing, too. Glaston provides advanced heat treatment and insulating glass manufacturing technologies to produce even the most demanding architectural solutions that are prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.

  • Bringing daylight into buildings is a core element of sustainable architecture
  • Greater light transmission creates a comfortable working and living environment
  • Technological developments in glass bending open up new opportunities to construct buildings
  • The most challenging artistic visions are possible
  • Any safety, lighting and thermal insulation standards are applicable
  • Spotless glass offers clear views without color distortion
  • Safety and durability help glass withstand the forces of nature, movement and pressure