Support throughout the life-cycle

Glass processing machines are long-term investments for their owners as, depending on the machine, they have fairly long operating lives, of up to 20 years. The machines are designed to withstand constant use at high utilization rates. At Glaston, we pay special attention to the quality and durability of the materials used in our machines.

Our production and assembly processes and installation methods are designed to promote product quality and reliability as well as the safety of installers and customers.

In accordance with our life cycle model, we have been actively developing the maintenance services, as regular service intervals increase product life and safety. Glaston has over 100 different upgrade products for different models of machine.

In addition, we are investing in the development of digital services. The MyGlaston customer portal contains all information between Glaston and the customer, such as project tracking, machine service reports, technical manuals and operating instructions, and links to the Glaston Insight cloud service. Connecting machines to Glaston Insight enables the customer to monitor and report on production in real-time, provides real-time customer support in the event of disruptions with no delays or travel that burdens the environment, and facilitates the rollout of new machine vision-based services.

At the end of 2020, more than 180 tempering machines had been connected to the Glaston Insight service and more than four million glass processing loads had been registered.

Glaston heat treatment

Glaston has approximately 4,000 installed and operating machine lines

Customer-oriented R&D

Glaston invests in continuous customer-oriented product development, emerging glass technologies and new business opportunities brought by digitalization. We carry out product development in close cooperation with our customers and partners, such as research institutes, universities and other higher education institutions.

Our position is particularly strong in developing technologically demanding products.  At the forefront of our product development are new digital and IoT-based products that enable the optimization of machine performance and the transition to fully automated glass processing. By utilizing cloud services and the opportunities provided by IoT, we help our customers use their machines as efficiently as possible. As a by-product of efficiency and reliability, optimized energy consumption is also achieved.

As part of the MIDAS project, Finland’s first machine learning project in the industry, Glaston has succeeded in introducing several artificial intelligence applications to improve the quality and control of the tempering process.

Künftig verbesserter Remote-Service

Growing demand for solar energy

The increasingly visible consequences of climate change will also affect the glass industry and demand for different kinds of products. The demand for solar energy is growing, and the glass used in solar cells and panels is subject to exacting quality requirements, for example with respect to glass thickness and curved surfaces. Glaston has taken this into account in its product development, and has a wide variety of solar solutions available.

Smart glass entering the market

Emerging glass technologies and glass products providing added value, such as smart glass, are also increasingly entering the market, and the energy-saving potential of smart glass products, for example, is boosting demand for them. Glaston provides consulting and planning services for smart glass and energy glass window production as well as solar energy applications.

Glaston has been involved in a nanotechnology project in California since the latter part of 2015. Glaston’s partner is developing for the market a new electrochromic smart glass technology that adjusts the thermal and light transmittance of glass precisely and quickly.


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