Responsible sourcing

Suppliers of goods and services play an important role in Glaston’s value chain. Glaston is committed to responsible sourcing, which includes, among other things, supplier requirements and audits as well as implementation of human rights and occupational safety.

We seek close, long-term and good relationships with our most important suppliers. In this way, we ensure that our partners understand and comply with our requirements, in relation to both processes and products.

Most of our approximately 2,000 active subcontractors operate in Europe, where the company’s largest assembly and production units are located.

We always carry out our business with integrity and in line with the ethical standards expressed in our Code of Conduct. Responsible sourcing plays a significant role in achieving this. In alignment with this and as part of our sustainability efforts we have created the Glaston’s Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure that all of our business partners, suppliers and manufacturers meet our  expectations of doing business related to legal requirements, ethical practices, human rights and environmental management.

Download the Supplier Code of Conduct in English, Finnish, German or Chinese.


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