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    Step Change 2023 event for start-ups and scale ups organized by Glaston and VELUX was held in June 15-16 in Tampere, Finland.

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    Glass Performance Days 2023 (GPD) conference organized by Glaston in June 14-16 gathered over 550 international glass specialists in Tampere, Finland with the theme of “Way to Grow”.

  • MicrosoftTeams-image-3-768x512.jpg

    Glaston introduces the tempering process Autopilot that reduces the need for operator input and offers process control without parameters. More: https://youtu.be/mGZUlDheGpo

  • Glaston-White-Haze-Scanner-768x432.jpg

    Glaston introduces the White Haze Scanner that is the first AI-based solution to automatically detect white haze on processed glass online.

  • 21-22-launches-768x432.jpg

    During the Glaston Innovation Days 2021 Glaston launches new technologies for the insulating glass manufacturing, flat glass tempering and laminating and automotive glass processing. More: https://glaston.net/innovations-technologies/

  • GLA_GID_Logo_Date_black_500.jpg

    Glaston arranges Glaston Innovation Days 2021 – a three-day virtual event presenting the latest innovations and trends in glass processing.

  • Glaston-seeing-it-through-768x464.jpg

    The new Glaston brand is launched: Stronger together with new branding – The new era of Glaston seeing it through

  • Glasstec-VE_lkd3-768x402.jpg

    Glaston launches new solutions at glasstec VIRTUAL 2020 https://virtual.glasstec-online.com/

  • 1870-our-journey-begins_jan-768x432.jpg

    Founded in 1870, Glaston celebrates its 150 years anniversary in 2020: from a forest company to world’s leading glass processing technology company.

  • DIMECC-prize-2019-e1581939916246-768x448.png

    DIMECC Prize 2019 awarded to Kai Knuutila from Glaston⁩ & ⁦Heikki Huttunen from ⁦Tampere University for innovative collaboration⁩ especially in ⁦DIMECC MIDAS Program.

  • GlastonSiru-e1565249609365-768x424.jpg

    Glaston Siru App based on machine learning introduced during GPD 2019 conference.

  • StepChange2019-768x292.png

    Step Change 2019 program for start-ups and scale-ups in connection to the GPD 2019 conference was organized the second time.

  • GPD2019-768x243.png

    Glass Performance Days 2019 (GPD) conference organized by Glaston gathered an impressive number of over 1000 international glass specialists with the theme of “All eyes on smarter glass."

  • GLA-BY_2019_320.png

    Glaston signs an agreement to acquire Bystronic glass

  • PAGE-1-e1514884511682-768x380.jpg

    Glaston divests its Tools business, specialized in manufacturing and sales of tools for glass and stone processing, to Italian Bavelloni S.p.A.

  • Glasstec18_support-room-e1542291972199-768x441.jpg

    Glaston Support room is introduced at Glasstec 2018 show in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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    Glaston receives Mention of Honor for the most startup friendly company in 2018

  • Insight-768x432.jpg

    Glaston participating in Finland’s first industry-oriented machine learning project called MIDAS. In addition to Glaston, the key actors of the two-year group project are Novatron, Nokia Technologies, Epec and Tampere University of Technology.

  • Hack-the-glass-1117-768x296.png

    The world’s first Hack the Glass Hackathon event is arranged together with Business Tampere, Tampere University of Technology and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

  • StepChange17_net.png

    Glaston organizes the first start-up event of the industry called Step Change in connection of the GPD 2017 conference.

  • Glaston@GPD2017-7-1-380x249.jpg

    Glaston iLooK Anisotropy online scanning of anisotropy is introduced.

  • newsroom-2-380x184.jpg

    The Glass Performance Days (GPD) event organized by Glaston celebrates its 25th year of service to the glass industry.

  • Insight-FC-Series-furnace-380x170.png

    Glaston Insight platform for smart connectivity and intelligence of the machines is launched

  • Matrix_net.jpg

    Glaston Matrix bending furnace for windshields is launched.

  • Nanotech_net.jpg

    Glaston invests in a California-based nanotechnology company.

  • ProL-lamination-1-380x186.jpg

    Glaston ProL flat glass laminating line is introduced.

  • Pre-processing_glass.jpg

    Glaston sells Pre-Processing machine business to Bavelloni Spa.

  • glassrobots_logo.jpg

    Glaston acquires the industrial property rights to all Glassrobots products.

  • glaston_genuine_care-e1464089920531.png

    Glaston introduces Glaston Genuine Care™ service concept.

  • The company sells the Software Business Area.

  • GlastonAir_net.jpg

    Launch of GlastonAir air flotation tempering technology for thin glass tempering.

  • Glaston_iLooK.jpg

    Launch of the new generation flat tempering family and iControl™ automation system.

  • AW_cropped.jpg

    The acquisition of the German A+W Software Group.

    Business area Software Solutions is formed.
  • glaston-logo@2x.png

    The company's name is changed to Glaston Corporation.

  • Bavelloni_cropped.jpg

    Kyro acquires Z. Bavelloni that is specialized in Pre-Processing machines.

  • UG.jpg

    Tamglass Goups's machine business is supplemented with tempering machine manufacturer UNIGLASS OY.

  • The Kyro Group's parent company is listed on the Helsinki Stock Ecxhange.

  • ROLS-e1514460808315.png

    Tamglass introduces the remote online system ROLS.

  • iso-9001-380x380.png

    Tamglass is granted the ISO9001 quality certificate.

  • GPD-logo-380x151.jpg

    The first Glass Processing Days (GPD) conference is organized.

  • HTBS-bender_net.jpg

    The first bending and tempering line Tamglass HTBS is launched.

  • ESUEcoMax10_1-380x237.jpg

    Tamglass launches the serial windshield bending furnace ESU

  • HTF-IIIphoto-768x525.jpg

    Tamglass launches the third generation horizontal tempering furnace HTF III

  • Kyro acquires the entire share stock of Tamglass Oy founded in 1970.

  • HTF-II-768x383.jpg

    Tamglass launches the second generation horizontal tempering furnace HTF II

  • kone78heinak_cr-768x346.jpg

    Tamglass launches the first generation horizontal oscillating tempering furnace HTF I

  • Tamglass_cropped.jpg

    Tamglass is founded.

    The company specializes in windshield bending and lamination.
  • KYRO_logo.jpg

    The company's name is changed to Oy Kyro Ab.

  • Kyröskoski_net.png

    The first paper mill starts in Kyröskoski, Finland.

  • Sumelius_Hammaren_Nyberg-768x329.png

    Hammaren & Co. is founded. Kyro's long and eventful story begins.

  • Our journey starts