Responsible Employer

Professional, committed and healthy personnel are the foundation of Glaston’s success. Glaston is committed to continuously evolving the skills of its personnel and providing its personnel with an inspiring work environment where they have the opportunity to learn and develop. In accordance with its operating principles, the company pursues equality and diversity.

At Glaston, employee turnover is low and most employment relationships are permanent.


Wellbeing and safety at work

We invest in the health, working capacity and safety of our personnel in many ways, and we actively monitor occupational safety. Our target is zero accidents at work. The day-to-day management and development of occupational safety is the responsibility of the company’s various units in line with local legislation. Occupational safety training primarily takes place in the company’s assembly and production units.

At Glaston, we encourage our personnel to exercise. In Finland, Glaston offers its employees joint activities and exercise benefits. In Germany, personnel have an opportunity to use a company bicycle.


As a rule, all of Glaston’s personnel are covered by an annual bonus scheme and, in addition, the reward scheme also includes Glaston Way awards. The annual bonus is based on Glaston’s financial performance, and the Glaston Way monetary awards are based on good work performance supporting the achievement of strategic goals in line with the company’s values. Since 2014, the company has had a share-based incentive scheme for the Group’s key personnel. The scheme is linked to the company’s financial performance.

2019 key information

In 2019, Glaston’s personnel grew by 121%, and there were 790 (357) Glaston employees at the end of the year. The increase was due, in particular, to the acquisition of Bystronic glass in April 2019. At the end of 2019, Glaston had operations in 11 countries, of which the three largest, by employee numbers, were Germany, Finland and China. Of Glaston’s personnel, 83% were men and 17% were women. At the end of the year, 20% of Glaston’s Executive Management Group were women.

The integration of Bystronic glass into Glaston began at a brisk pace. Operations have been combined efficiently, and for example, sales and service points were merged, overlapping operations were removed, integration of various IT and customer management systems was launched, and the foundation was laid for a common digital product platform. The merger of operations did not result in many redundancies.

Glaston’s values were renewed in May. Via training and communications, information on the products, business policies and practices of Glaston and Bystronic glass has been disseminated throughout the company. In addition, cooperation has been promoted at joint service locations, for example in the UK, Singapore and Russia. Comprehensive product training has been arranged for sales, service and production personnel.

In 2020, the integration of information management systems used by HR will continue.


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