Responsible Employer

Professional, committed and healthy personnel are the foundation of Glaston’s success. Glaston is committed to continuously evolving the skills of its personnel and providing its personnel with an inspiring work environment where they have the opportunity to learn and develop. In accordance with its operating principles, the company pursues equality and diversity.


Year 2021 information

2021 key information

In 2021, the number of Glaston personnel rose by 4%, and there were 750 (723) Glaston employees at the end of the year.

At the end of 2021, Glaston had operations in 10 countries, of which the three largest, by employee numbers, were Germany, Finland and China. Employee turnover in Germany was 8.5%, in Finland 17.2% and Switzerland 7%) and most employment relationships are permanent. The average age of personnel is 44.7 years.

Of Glaston’s personnel, 83% are men and 17% are women. At the end of 2021, there were 5 men and 2 women on Glaston’s Board of Directors, and 33% of the members of the company’s Executive Management Group were women.

Employee engagement

Engaged employees play an important role in achieving strategic goals. One of the Group’s non-financial targets is to raise the employee engagement rate to more than 75, on a scale of 1–100, by 2025. The current state of employee engagement will be measured with the aid of an employer image survey, which was launched in early 2022.

Wellbeing and safety at work

Glaston attends to the health, working capacity and safety of its personnel in many ways, and actively monitors occupational safety.

Occupational safety is high on our agenda and we have set a Group-wide occupational safety target of zero lost time accidents. We did not achieve this target in 2021, as there was a total of 5 accidents at work or on a business trip leading to lost time. The  accident frequency was 3.3. Positive development was significant compared to the previous year, however, when the accident frequency was 10.8. The most typical accidents are hand injuries, such as cuts and various sprains.

At Glaston, we encourage our personnel to exercise. In Finland, Glaston offers joint activity opportunities and exercise benefits. In Germany and Finland, personnel have the option of using a company bicycle. With the shift to teleworking, we sought to ensure our employees’ coping in work and physical condition.


As a rule, all of Glaston’s personnel are covered by an annual bonus scheme, and bonuses are determined on the basis of Glaston’s financial performance. In addition, the reward scheme includes the Glaston Way awards, which are based on good work performance supporting the achievement of strategic goals in line with the company’s values.


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