“Agnora is known for fabricating the largest architectural glass in all of North America. We’ve chosen to specialize in custom fabrication and oversized glass. We’re not a glass factory,” underlines Richard Wilson, President of Agnora, Inc., in Collingwood, in Ontario, Canada, about two hours north of Toronto. “To stay as the leader in this area, we continue to invest in the latest and most advanced technology, such as Glaston’s Roller Heat Control (RHC) upgrade for our special ProE Magnum flat glass furnace.

Richard Wilson and his wife started Agnora about six years ago to provide the exceptional high-quality, oversized architectural glass units that are available in Europe, but are hard to find in the North American market.

With a passion for excellence and penchant for challenges, Agnora has been selected to serve the likes of world-class companies, such as Apple, Microsoft and Dior, as well as leading cultural institutes, such as the Onassis Cultural Center on Fifth Avenue in New York and the Art Institute of Chicago. “Our customers use our glass units to make an unforgettable statement and to support their iconic brands.”

Agnora purchased the tailor-made Glaston ProE Magnum 3372 flat tempering furnace in 2010, and it has been operating flawlessly over the past five years.

In June 2015, Richard visited the Glaston factory in Tampere, Finland, during his participation at the Glass Performance Days (GPD) conference. Glaston presented the Roller Heat Control (RHC) as part of their latest furnace technology showcase. “Even though our furnace is only five years old and in reality would still have another good 20 years of life, I decided on the spot that I couldn’t live without this technology,” Richard smiles.

Richard explains that his goal is to continue to focus on this specialized area of oversized glass. “And to do that, we plan to stay on top of technology. Our aim is to continue to produce the best quality glass in the largest sizes for our discerning customers,” Richard says. “If Glaston were to come out with the best technology a year from now, we’d be more than happy to do it all again,” he states. “It’s simple,” Richard sums up. “Our customers expect from us what we expect from Glaston – the best. And that’s what Glaston has been able to deliver.”

Laura and Richard Wilson, Agnora, Canada upgrades tempering line with Glaston Roller Heat Control
Laura and Richard Wilson, Agnora, Canada

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