Ahlström Collective Impact, of which Glaston is a member, has invested EUR 1 million in the global education of children and to support the children in Ukraine. In 2022, a total of EUR 770,000 has been directed into UNICEF’s Global Education Program. In addition, the companies, employees, foundations, and shareholders within the Ahlström Collective Impact have raised nearly EUR 300,000 for the children in Ukraine.

Ahlström Collective Impact acts together with UNICEF Finland to support the realization of selected United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This year, the joint investment has been directed to UNICEF’s Global Education Program, which provides support for millions of children who need to continue to learn, grow and develop the skills necessary to thrive in life. By bringing together the companies and foundations in the Ahlström network, the initiative can have a bigger impact than the partners could have alone.

“This investment is strongly reflected in Glaston’s value ‘Together we build the future’. Providing access to education for equal opportunities is an ongoing effort and the relentless support in safeguarding equal education needs to continue. Due to the war in Ukraine, this year we also wanted to support UNICEF’s invaluable work for the children of Ukraine,” says Päivi Lindqvist, CFO at Glaston Corporation, who leads the Glaston-wide strategic initiative focusing on elevating sustainability and continuous improvement.

The entire Ahlström network comes together

Ahlström Collective Impact was initiated in 2020, with the purpose of inspiring a new type of collaboration within the Ahlström network. Today, Ahlström Collective Impact unites 10 public and private companies, 3 foundations, shareholders and employees: Antti Ahlström Perilliset, Ahlström Capital, Ahlström Invest, Ahlstrom-Munksjö, Destia, Detection Technology, Enics, Glaston, Suominen, Avain Yhtiöt, M&J Recycling, the Eva Ahlström Foundation and Walter Ahlström Foundation.

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