A long history of good business collaboration

Traditions in the Saudi Arabian glass processing industry run deep at Al-Manna, a glass processing company started by Mr. Manna Al-Amri over 60 years ago. When his son, Ibrahim Manna Al-Amri took over at the helm of the company eight years ago, he continued to guide the company’s great history in the glass field. The aim of Al-Manna’s recently placed order for two Glaston FC500 tempering furnaces is to keep the company lead in the market when it comes to the long tradition in excellence and quality.

The boom in high performance andLow-E glass led the company to beginnegotiations for the new Glaston FC500 tempering furnaces. The Kingdom of SaudiArabia (KSA) is providing funding for theacceleration in construction projects that arehelping advance the country’s development.

Al-Manna has high hopes for the two Glaston FC500 lines, which will be installed in Jeddah and Riyadh in spring and summer 2014. A key driver is to increasecapacity to meet demand. “We’re lookingat these two tempering furnaces to be ourworkhorses,” says Ibrahim Manna Al-Amri.


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