For the past five years, Nile Aluminium & Metals Company, or AluNile, has had very positive experiences with Glaston’s first FC500 tempering furnace sold outside Finland. The company prides itself on designing and delivering truly aesthetic, economical and high-performance glass and aluminum solutions. With Glaston FC500, AluNile has expanded its capacities to process all types of highly demanding glass products for the Egyptian market, enabling it to become the undisputed leader.

“We are especially proud of being the first outside Finland to buy the new Glaston FC500 tempering furnace. We signed the contract in 2010, and Glaston delivered the furnace to our facilities in 2011,” says Seif Eissa, Managing Director of AluNile.

Seif visited Glasstec in 2010, where Glaston launched the FC500 together with iControL, the completely new automation system, which were received very well by the market right from the start.

“Later, we inspected the prototype furnace in Finland to see that the glass quality would meet our expectations – and it definitely did!” Seif says and continues to admit being anxious at the time about being one of the first processors to buy the FC500. “But Glaston promised to give us any extra support, if needed. And in the end, everything turned out fine,” he emphasizes.

FC500 tempering furnace at AluNile, Egypt

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