With exhibits and multimedia applications, Bystronic glass will demonstrate future-oriented machines and solutions for fast window sash glazing, automated window and facade production using ultra-modern warm-edge insulating glasses, cost-optimised solar module production as well as efficient utilisation of handling systems on Stand 7A-101 at fensterbau/frontale 2012 in Nuremberg.

With the sash’line, Bystronic glass offers an opportunity to industrially manufacture PVC windows inexpensively. The production line for window glazing integrates the bonding of the glass plates into the window sash production process. As a result, up to 800 units per shift can be directly glazed without any preliminary processes and can be filled with inert glass. A separate insulating glass production is no longer needed – this saves time and reduces costs.

Future-oriented insulating glass production

As a result of decade-long experience and numerous groundbreaking in-house developments, Bystronic glass is considered to be an absolute expert in relation to the application of warm edge solutions for insulating glass production. Bystronic glass is the only provider that is in the position to offer customers automatic solutions for all common warm-edge spacer systems: the tps’line offers unique versatility as an individual production solution for all types of orders. The thermoplastic spacers (TPS®) are applied directly onto the glass by machine from a single drum as part of the insulating glass production. Alternatively, the customer may choose the flexspacer’twinapplicator that is also integrated into the insulating glass line for seamless application of flexible spacers and insulating glass unit production. Irrespective of the spacer that is chosen – the high-speed sealing machine, the speed’sealer, seals insulating glass units as well as window and facade elements at a maximum flow rate and with the fastest application speed. Thanks to a dynamic mixer, an active and homogenous mixing of both sealing material components is now possible and can accommodate differing production conditions.

Furthermore, at fensterbau / frontale 2012, Bystronic glass will present for the very first time to the European Market, the comfort’line – an entry-level solution for the industrial gas-filled production of both double or triple insulating glass units. Tried-and trusted machine components as well as a new gas-filling press have been incorporated into the comfort’line to create a complete, inexpensive and space-saving solution that can be further expanded where required.

Innovative leap in solar technology

In conjunction with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE), Bystronic glass has developed a technology that enables wafer-based solar modules to be produced significantly quicker and much more inexpensively. The development of the TPedge process for the production of modules with thermoplastic sealing on the glass edge marks a huge innovative leap in relation to entire module production. Consequently, through the simplification of the module structure, time and money are saved via this completely innovative production technology. The solar cells are stringed together conventionally and are then fixed in between two glass lites. The use of films and associated lamination is completely eliminated.

Rational glass handling in the window industry

With the increase in demand for triple glazing, the demands placed upon both man and machine in respect of the handling of the insulating glass units and the finished window sashes have also increased. Bystronic glass handling devices guarantee an effortless and safe transportation. Above all, they also permit a flexible and rational utilisation in all areas of flat glass and plate processing. The fully-developed and innovative technology is not only characterised by excellent quality and reliability, it also offers tangible benefits such as a protective handling of the transport load, the opportunity to position accurately, a long service life, minimal effort and quick yet safe operation at reduced costs. Thanks to decade-long experience in the glass sector with Bystronic glass handling systems, numerous window manufacturers also make use of these tried-and-trusted solutions that have been meticulously designed to eliminate repetitive problems that occur in the market.