In celebration of the International Year of Glass 2022 – a year dedicated to celebrating glass by the United Nations, Glaston is spreading the word of using glass to build a better tomorrow.  In a video published today, Glaston presents its key glass processing technologies. 

Glass is highly appreciated for being practical, decorative, and sustainable. Its refractive, reflective and transmission properties are ideal for a broad spectrum of products. Therefore, glass is widely used in diverse industries such as architecture, automotive, appliances, display and solar.

Yet the right technology is necessary to transform raw glass into something greater and more valuable for its end-use. This transformation requires glass processing solutions that are safe, smart and energy-efficient. That’s where Glaston comes into the picture.

As a world leader in glass processing technology, we provide heat treatment and insulating glass manufacturing for the architectural industry and glass pre-processing and heat treatment equipment for the automotive, appliance, solar and display industries to help them use glass as a valuable and sustainable material in their creations. These technologies enable customers to make a clear difference in performance and reach new levels of automation.  

Through continuous development and innovations, we keep driving the evolution of glass processing forward. Our latest technologies, state-of-the-art automation and exceptional customer support enable glass solutions to be even safer, smarter and more energy-efficient for a better future.