Lower surface emissivity glass and superior flatness

Float Glass Industries Ltd (FGI) of Manchester, UK, announce their decision to invest in Glaston’s FC500 flat glass temperingfurnace.

“When we knew we needed to replace our oldest furnace, we went to see the Glaston FC500 in operation at another UK location,” Dawn Offland says. “The quality was definitely good. The machine provides the ability to toughen lower surface emissivity glass and give superior flatness, which are both very important to us. In particular, we were looking for higher capacity, exceptional glass quality and state-of-the art control systems, all of which Glaston FC500 can offer us.”

Thanks to the positive experience that Float Glass has had with Glaston’s other machinery over the years, it was easy to select the company again to provide this new flat glass tempering furnace.

“There is no proper alternative to Glaston when it comes to quality. We have also been extremely satisfied with the service back up we’ve received in the UK. And we know that the company is financially stable,” Dawn confirms.

For Float Glass, the commercial double glazing sector is growing rapidly. In addition to their range of products for partitioning, single-toughening for domestic installation and fire resistant glass, the new Glaston FC500™ will enable FGI to move into larger glass sizes of up to 6 m x 2.8 m.“It’s not just about piece size. We want toget more on each bed,” David says. “And we expect the furnace to give us more capacity with bigger and flatter glass.”

FC500 at Float Glass Industries, UK

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