Marking the return of confidence in the UK glass processing industry, Glaston received four orders in 2013 alone from customers in the market for its premium FC500 tempering furnace. Glaston FC500 represents the industry’s highest standard for processing glass with optical quality and energy efficiency. Glaston FC500 increases production capacity by up to 40% while consuming 30% less energy of a conventional tempering furnace.

During its development, engineers introduced new technologies that eliminate uneven heat transfer and help operators select the most suitable heating setting for their production. The automatic roller heat control (RHC) system automatically adjusts the bottom heat level to eliminate any roller heat disturbances. The dynamic load pattern recognition (DLP) system contains sensors that generate an automatic heating profile for a specific load pattern, enhancing ease-of-use and boosting automated glass production.

Each Glaston FC500 furnace comes equipped with Glaston’s advanced iControL automation system, allowing a wide range of high-quality glass to be processed.

KwikTuf installation_Dec2013