“We are very satisfied with the quality of our new RC Series tempering line and the glass it produces. The Vortex Pro convection control system is excellent. The furnace made by Glaston China is just as well manufactured as the previous furnace we bought from Glaston’s factory in Finland,” says Frank Calderón Gómez, Managing Director at Full Glass in Lima, Peru.

Managing Director Frank Calderón Gómez recalls first hearing about Glaston’s technology about 15 years ago at glass exhibitions in Brazil and Argentina. The company acquired its first Glaston RC200 tempering furnace in 2013 for the Arequipa factory.

Thanks to their excellent experience with operational reliability as well as Glaston’s support and brand warranty, Full Glass chose to invest in a new Glaston RC Series tempering furnace – this time fully based on Glaston’s technology but built in China.

Calderón made the decision to invest in the new tempering furnace to meet the needs of his growing business – and the RC Series line best fit the company’s specifications. Additionally, he felt secure investing in the quality and guarantee of the Glaston brand, knowing that the company would fully stand behind its promise of top technology, regardless of where the line was manufactured.

RC Series cuts electricity use

In December 2022, Full Glass placed the order for the new RC Series line with the advanced convection control system Vortex Pro. The furnace was delivered in September 2023 to the Lima factory.  

Calderón says he is very pleased with the quality of the tempered glass the furnace produces, especially the reduced anisotropy. Due to the new technology, the furnace requires only a fraction of the installed electrical power of the other machines. This helps the company save money with the considerable cutback in power consumption.

Truly pleased with support

Calderón and his team were very satisfied with the installation, commissioning, training and service they received from Glaston on the new RC Series furnace. The startup was completed in a short time, due to the knowledge that the Full Glass personnel had already with the previous furnace.

“In particular, I would like to thank Glaston’s agent LATAMGLASS for the smooth installation,” Calderón says. “We also wish to thank Glaston’s sub-agents Orlando Kihara and Angelo Leidi.”

“The RC Series tempering furnace is an excellent machine – supported by good attention from the sales, production, installation and after-sales teams,” he concludes.

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