“The idea of a special U-shaped design to fit our confined space was created over lunch by my son Maximillian Dreisbusch and two Glaston service engineers. I think this says everything about our close and collaborative partnership with Glaston,” says Thomas Dreisbusch, Managing Director of Glas Dreisbusch.

With a history spanning nearly 100 years, Glas Dreisbusch of Goldbach, Germany, located 50 km east of Frankfurt/Main, started as furniture joinery and flat glass trading company. Over the years, it evolved from a pure handicraft glass grinding business to a medium-sized industrial company producing insulating glass. Managing Director Thomas Dreisbusch took over the helm from his father in 1995 and represents the family’s third generation. In the meantime, the fourth generation is already working in the family business with his son Maximilian, who has become very familiar with the technology in particular.

Today, Glas Dreisbusch provides the entire range of insulating glass, including double and triple insulating glass units, safety glass and ready-to-use products, such as printed glass, all-glass door systems and showers. Some of the company’s special products are blinds in insulating glass and alarm insulating glass for burglary protection.

In 1970, the company started producing insulating glass and purchased its first Lenhardt insulating glass line. In the early 2000s, it purchased a Bystronic glass line with an automatic butyl coating robot for glass production with conventional spacers. Both Lenhardt and Bystronic glass brands are now part of Glaston.

In spring 2021, the company purchased its Glaston VARIO TPS® 2735 line, which started up in December that year. “The special feature of this particular TPS® line is its U-shaped design,” Thomas Dreisbusch explains. “It’s unique in the world!”

The line features two special turning stations between the inspection station and the automatic assembly, gas filling and press robot. The turning stations move the glass from one side of the line to the other, thereby creating the line’s U-shape.

“TPS® is the most flexible insulating glass production system for us. It produces both standard and special formats on one line, eliminating the need to split orders. This gives our customers unlimited design possibilities for shapes and sizes. Also, the line differs from conventional systems in that the Thermo Plastic Spacer TPS® is applied directly to the glass plate.”

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