When the markets and industries keep changing, it is good to keep the essentials in mind – trusting the originals when choosing technology providers and partners to support you every step of the way. At this year’s China Glass, we will be showcasing some of our latest technology developments. Below are just a few of the most exciting innovations you can expect to see firsthand.

Insulating glass manufacturing:

Glaston TPS® – the most flexible IG manufacturing

Now available exclusively in China with Glaston COMFORT IG lines, TPS® is the most modern, flexible and efficient solution for producing insulating glass units and multilayer solar panels.

By applying Thermo Plastic Spacer material directly onto the glass plate, TPS® simplifies production significantly. It eliminates any need to stock different spacer profiles and connectors. Plus, changes to spacer width can be made during the process without any loss of time.

Invented by Glaston, TPS® has already been installed at over 170 glass processing facilities worldwide. The technology has been developed in Germany and the main components TPS®’APPLICATOR and UNIT’ASSEMBLER will be provided from Germany. In combination with all other line components that are manufactured and assembled in China the new COMFORT line featuring the capabilities of TPS®  is the ideal entry solution into the TPS® IG manufacturing technology for customers in China.

Glaston COMFORT’SEALER – an automatic sealing robot

Glaston has a solution for those who no longer want to seal IG units manually. The automatic sealing robot COMFORT’SEALER transforms Glaston COMFORT BOX into a fully automated insulating glass production line.

COMFORT’SEALER offers high material dosing accuracy as its superiority. The gear pump dosing technology allows the solution to precisely determine the sealing depth and width. It then applies the exact volume of the sealing material required.

Glaston Insulating Glass Manufacturing

Flat glass tempering:

Glaston TC Series – energy-efficient production

Effective and accurate heating is key to high-yield, high-performance glass production. The TC Series tempering furnace utilizes the Chinook circulated air convection system, which reduces energy consumption to an absolute minimum. The solution ensures faster heat transfer for shorter cycle times. This allows overall production costs to be reduced, including labor costs per square meter.

With an automatic process adjustment based on a large number of measurements, Chinook stands out as the market’s most efficient heating system. In practice, it minimizes operator input while maintaining consistently high capacity.

The TC Series furnace meets the ever-growing safety requirements for fire-resistant or super-tempered glass.

Glaston RC Series – easy processing for any glass type and thickness

From shower doors to architectural glass, the Glaston RC Series offers effortless tempering for all glass types. The RC Series is very easy to operate, requiring minimal effort for smooth and effective processing. Thanks to the RC Series’ accurate and intelligent heating system, the line maintains impeccable glass quality even at increased production rates.

Ensuring uninterrupted production, the RC Series boasts the highest uptime and can be upgraded, if necessary, to meet evolving future processing needs. It also facilitates easy maintenance and guarantees the best availability of spares and support in the market.

The line is configurable to meet diverse capacity needs, providing a tailored solution for your specific requirements.

Automotive glass processing:

Glaston CHAMP EVO – an evolution in automotive glass preprocessing

Glaston CHAMP EVO represents the latest evolution in the CHAMP automotive glass pre-processing line.

The grinding machine of the newest CHAMP EVO boasts considerably higher precision. Its energy-saving linear drives significantly reduce maintenance costs and wear, while a freely moveable glass holding system ensures shorter changeover times.

Moreover, the line features lighter and better-optimized moving parts, such as the cutting bridge and the grinding table, along with many other technological improvements.

Glaston HYPERFEX – a revolution in edge grinding

Glaston has developed its glass edge grinding solution, HYPERFEX, in extensive cooperation with experts and research institutions.

The HYPERFEX grinding system is a novel approach to glass grinding that takes into account all process-relevant parameters. In combination with the HYPERFEX Administrator software, which links the grinding wheel with the control system, the solution opens huge improvement potential in edge grinding.

Benefits of this innovative solution include improved cycle time and machine performance, enhanced grinding quality, extended wheel lifetime and increased grinding capacity. Additionally, HYPERFEX grinding wheels comply with all application requirements.

Meet us at China Glass 2024, Hall N1, Booth #300!

Glaston Tianjin Open House – experience innovation firsthand

We invite you to visit our state-of-the-art facilities and take a closer look at Glaston glass processing technology in action!

Explore our COMFORT IG line demo, see the TC Series tempering line in assembly and witness the precision of our CHAMP EVO pre-processing line.

Date: Monday, April 29, 2024, from 10:00-15:00
Venue: Glaston Tianjin (close to Beijing),
Register: jerry.yin@glaston.net