Coming: A strong line-up of products and services from Glaston

At GBA 2014 Glaston will unveil many new and exciting products and services for your chosen sector of glass processing. We’re bringing you the strongest line-up ever for high-quality glass that answers your customers’ needs for the ultimate in excellence and operational efficiency. You can count on our solid company foundation, strong focus on R&D, world’s-first products – and unique lifecycle thinking – to make you now stronger than ever. 

We have been focusing our efforts on raising the bar to solve even more difficult challenges. Now that your customers are ready to move forward again, we too are ready to help you reach higher business goals.

To drive glass quality and operational efficiency higher, we’ll be introducing a full scope of new products that make you stronger in your chosen glass processing area:

• New generation Glaston FC Series – the strongest, most durable furnace on the market for the ultimate glass quality. Energy-smart solutions with unique full-circulated top and bottom air convection

FC1000 tempering line

• GlastonInsight – intelligent process assistant for running the flat tempering line with the highest capacity, quality and production efficiency, while reducing waste. Also available as an upgrade for older tempering lines.

• Vortex Pro – the most advanced convection control system upgrade for any Glaston (Tamglass/Uniglass) flat tempering line

• Glaston UC Series – a complete range of cutting lines that boast affordable performance and top-notch reliability.

• Glaston VE Series – vertical edging lines, including straight-line edging and beveling machines for unmatched craftsmanship and precision.

• Glaston HE Series – all-purpose horizontal edging lines that take double-edging to a new level. Glaston SolarTech™ and White Tech™ peripheral diamond wheels are available for any brand of European- or Asian-made double-edging lines.


Glaston HE Series double edging line


Along with the strong line up in glass processing equipment, Glaston brings you something unique by serving you with our lifecycle approach. We call it Glaston’s Genuine Care, because we genuinely care about helping you be at your strongest for long-term business success.