Proactive lifecycle support

Glaston, a leading innovator in glass processing solutions, has introduced its CNC96 upgrade kit for automotive and architectural glass-cutting equipment. This upgrade enhances the CNC96 control system while modernizing any components at the end of their life. The CNC96 upgrade kit is part of the company’s larger lifecycle support offering to keep customers’ machinery operating at peak performance.

Glaston’s CNC96 was first released in 1996 as an in-house system engineered with exclusively developed hardware components. Over the years, this system has helped processors attain outstanding precision with their edge cutting, breaking, grinding, drilling and other critical functions for high-quality automotive and architectural glass.

“As we approach 2025, certain control components of the CNC96 are coming to the end of their life,” says Artturi Mäki, Senior Vice President of Services at Glaston. “Therefore, we have developed  a cost-effective CNC96 upgrade kit to guarantee continued machine performance with a considerable extension of the CNC96 system lifetime. This retrofit is just one of our wide range of upgrades that allow you to get the most from your machinery and prove that your investment is safe with us.”

Glaston’s release of the CNC96 upgrade kit is a proactive step to extend the lifetime of the processing equipment and ensure uninterrupted performance. This solution is designed to fit the solid mechanically engineered lines to deliver up to an additional 10 years of dependable operation. As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Glaston provides comprehensive support and ensures the continued long-term availability of spares.

Machines that can benefit from the CNC96 upgrade include:

  • KSBM – cutting and breaking machine
  • PSM – Polar grinding machine
  • BK – drilling machine
  • SMF – cutting machine
  • SMFR – cutting and edge deletion machine

Glaston’s state-of-the-art CNC96 control upgrade includes the latest advances in automation to help automotive and architectural glass processors keep their operations running with steady, high-quality output and gain from the most up-to-date improvements. The entire upgrade requires minimal component replacement and can be performed cost effectively in as few as 3 to 5 working days. Complete hardware kits are now ready for immediate delivery.

This sustainable upgrade option allows processors to continue running the hugely popular current generation of glass processing machines with their robust mechanical advantages.

Glaston’s service philosophy has always been to proactively contact customers well in advance to advise them of any components nearing the end of their life. Upgrades are a smart and cost-effective way to extend the lifetime of glass processing lines and make them fit for the future.

“Glaston’s lifecycle services are an integral part of the company’s comprehensive world-class glass processing equipment offering. And our dedication to serving you never wavers,” Mäki says. “We are proud to provide upgrade solutions that bring your machinery up to date and help you operate profitably for years to come.”

For more information and technical details, please visit Glaston Upgrade Kit – CNC96 Retrofit