In 2021, Glaston initiated a lawsuit in the United States against Salem Fabrication Technologies Group, Inc. d/b/a HHH Equipment Resources – the North American partner of Shanghai Northglass Technology & Industry Co. Ltd. for patent violations relating to Glaston’s two patents for its unique tempering technology. This is not the first time Glaston has taken action against its competitor Northglass.

Salem’s subsequent attempts to get Glaston’s claims dismissed and challenge the validity of Glaston’s patents have not been successful. In November 2022, the district court of North Carolina denied Salem’s motion to dismiss part of Glaston’s claim. Further, earlier this year the U.S. Patent Office denied Salem’s petitions to invalidate Glaston’s patents. Next, the infringement case in the district court continues. Glaston takes its intellectual property rights seriously and does not permit the unlicensed use of its patented technologies.

As a global leader in glass tempering technologies, Glaston holds patents for all its key solutions and has been successful in defending its Intellectual Property Rights over the past. Glaston’s technology is part of Glaston’s unique value proposition to glass processors and helps Glaston’s customers to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Glaston Group will continue to be active in protecting its Intellectual Property Rights globally.