Opportunity to experience the future of glass processing technology

During GPD 2015 this week Glaston will open its brand-new showroom in Tampere, Finland, to give guests a first-hand opportunity to see some of its latest glass processing technology in action.

The main goal of Glaston’s new showroom is to present what is possible today as well as present the possibilities of what the future holds for the glass processing industry in terms of new solutions and applications. Our showroom will be a place where the latest Glaston R&D products and solutions can continuously be experienced also in the future.

“We feel that this innovative showroom underlines Glaston’s openness about displaying our view of where the industry is going,” says Juha Liettyä, Senior Vice President, Glaston Machines. “This is further supported by Glastory, our recently launched online platform for openly sharing and exchanging information to reach new levels of success in the industry together.”

Technologies featured at Glaston’s new showroom this summer include:
• Glaston FC1000 with GlastonInsight – producing the world’s highest-quality glass with unbeatable top and bottom circulated air convection using intelligent online process assistance.
• GlastonAir – our unique air flotation technology that temper special glass or extremely thin glass.
• Special software & machinery upgrades – including GlastonInsight, iControL and our latest heating chamber replacements – the smartest way to reach long-term sustainable business results.