In February 2020, a brand-new Service Upgrade Insulating Glass Team was established at Glaston’s Neuhausen-Hamberg location in Germany. On February 1, 2023, the team celebrated its three-year anniversary. The goal of the team is to bring customers greater value through a lifecycle services approach, sustainable business growth and outstanding customer experience.

“Our idea to set up the new Service Upgrade Insulating Glass (IG) came as we received a growing number of customer inquiries about components no longer available by component manufacturers, such as frequency converters or controllers. With every essential component that is no longer produced, there is a greater risk of machine failure,” says Ralph Schultz, Team Leader for the group. “We wanted our team to work independently, handling customer requests and providing them with solutions and a range of upgrade kits.””

“Customers are now approaching us on their own to ask for support. I think they’ve realized that service upgrades contribute significantly to sustainability. By replacing components, they can extend their equipment’s service lifetime or maintain top performance of their machines,” says Tanja Richardson, who coordinates the team.

“We’re pleased to see that service upgrades are becoming increasingly important for our IG technology,” Ralph says. “By working together with customers, we can develop a master plan to help them stay productive. We also offer value-added maintenance to help them stay fit for the future.”

Only three years have now passed, but the direction is clear. Glaston’s lifecycle services approach has brought value to many IG manufacturing customers, helping them grow sustainable businesses and supporting them with a lifetime of parts, software and hardware upgrades. Glaston IG upgrade operations celebrate third anniversary