Producing higher quality at lower costs

Established 26 years ago, Metro Performance Glass is the newly upgraded brand name for a well-respected glass company that until just recently has been known throughout New Zealand as Metro GlassTech. The company is also a longterm customer for Glaston since purchasing its first tempering furnace in 1994. While refreshing its name and branding, Metro Performance Glass also chose to upgrade one of its older Glaston ProE furnaces with the latest Glaston iControL automation system to gain an advanced approach for controlling the line’s glass processing production. Not only does iControL help the company produce higher quality at lower costs, it also extends the life of the furnace.

“We see the Glaston iControL as an opportunity to upgrade an existing machine or to extend the life of any machine. It allows us to produce a higher quality at lower costs. We’d definitely recommend it to others, and we’re currently considering iControL upgrades for our other machines,” says Geoff Rasmusen, General Manager Operations, Metro Performance Glass.

At the start of 2014, the company also installed three Glaston Integrated Scanners (SCA), which are used to measure and visualize temperature distribution for every batch at the exit of the furnace. Geoff is very pleased already with the results when it comes to using the scanners to improve process quality and yield. Not only has Metro Performance Glass upgraded its image, through the iControL automation system and the addition of the Integrated Scanners (SCA), it has upgraded its product quality production quite clearly as well.

icontrol automation upgrade at Metro Performance Glass, NZ

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