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Located in Davenport, Iowa, USA, along the Mississippi River, Mid-American Glass (MAG) decided to invest in its first Glaston FC500 flat glass tempering furnace to offer its customers added value, higher quality and superior service.

As a medium-sized wholesaler, fabricator and distributor of glass in the region for the past 27 years, MAG has set out to make a difference for its customers in a very competitive business environment. Since spring 2014, Glaston FC500 is an essential tool to help the Midwest company bring their customers the quality and efficiency they deserve.

“We’ve known that we wanted to move into tempered glass for years,” Michelle Magyar, President of Mid-American Glass, says “It was just a matter of when.”

“Everyone knows the quality of Glaston, and the FC500 has an amazing top-of-the line quality. There was no other choice. FC500 echoes everything we want to do for our customers. We saw the first FC500 in Quebec City in Canada.The plant director was like a little kid at Christmas. When we asked, ‘Is this as good as it looks it is?’ He replied, ‘Yes it is – and more! It runs perfect glass.“Now with our own machine up and running, we have seen for ourselves that the furnace can produce the best glass around,” she says. “Even when unpacking the six containers shipped from Finland, our guys said we had a Cadillac because all the elements were so sturdy and well crafted.”

Once the tempered glass started coming offthe line, Michelle’s father said it looked too good to be tempered glass. The glass was immediately as flat as it could be.

FC500 tempering furnace at Mid-American Glass USA

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