Bigger bed, bigger capacity – far better quality

For over 20 years, Northern Express Glass (NEG) has enjoyed controlled growth in its home region of Lancashire, England. The family owned and run company is most appreciated by its customers for offering quality at a competitive price. Until now, Glaston furnaces have been an aspiration for the company. As part of its latest investment, though, NEG has purchased the Glaston FC500 tempering furnace to enable it to meet its ambitious expansion plans in the upcoming years.

The Glaston FC500 has been installed in December 2014 and will be fully commissioned by the end of January 2015. Glaston FC500 will provide NEG with the capability of improved technical performance and outstanding visual quality of the end product. For window glass in particular, the furnace allows the company to step up to 100% tougher requirements.

“We’ll also be able to temper a wider range of glass products with greater thicknesses. This enables us to stay out front for our customers. The furnace will give us a bigger bed, bigger capacity – and far, far superior quality,” Paul Williams, one of the three directors at NEG, says. “We’ll be able to use it to develop new coatings and a variety of new glass products so that NEG can be at the forefront of new technologies.” “We also feel confident that by investing now in the Glaston FC500, we’ll have fewer problems to deal with down the line,” Paul acknowledges.

FC500 tempering furnace at Northern Express Glass UK

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