Glaston RC350 helps aim for the top

“Glaston’s RC350 opens up new opportunities for the architectural market. This furnace is part of our major multimillion-pound investment project for a prestigious new factory that will enable us to serve our customers with larger pieces of processed glass, better toughened lamination quality and a wider portfolio of coated glass,” says Graeme Hawes, Managing Director of Peterlee Glass Company Ltd., Peterlee, County Durham, UK.

The timing for the investment couldn’t be better. Peterlee Glass has experienced many exciting changes in its four decades in the glass business. Still, 2017 is going to be one of its most exciting years to date with a multimillion-pound investment relocation to Mill Hill, on the North West Industrial Estate in Peterlee.

The investment will give PLG a prestigious 60,000 ft² facility equipped with a new Glaston RC350 tempering furnace and processing machinery capable of producing safety glass up to 6,000 mm x 2,800 mm. Other new equipment includes a CNC, cutting and washing machinery.

Before placing the order with Glaston, Graeme visited other glass processors to see another two Glaston furnaces in operation. “I was convinced by the owners that Glaston’s service and availability of the service personnel in the UK was exceptional,” Graeme says. “Although I have never seen the Glaston RC350 in action, I have high expectations.”

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Peterlee Glass RC350