Serving all glass requirements

After 10 years of experience with the Glaston HTF 2142 furnace, Paul Buckley, Managing Director of the PJB Glass Group, decided to complement his flat glass production offering by investing in a Glaston RC200 furnace. This will enable the company to increase production of a broad range of tempered glass types for customers. Flat Glass Merchants, one of the three companies in the glass group, will take delivery of the new furnace in April 2015 and plans to have it up and running by early May.

The new Glaston RC200 will help PJB’s Flat Glass cope with the growing demand for coated glass. The two furnaces will be run together to complement each other. The older HTF will be used for 6 mm upwards, while the RC200 will process all 4 mm clear and coated glass.“This furnace will not only enable us to temper coated glass quicker, it will also give us more capacity to grow in the future,” Paul explains. “The RC200 is designed to handle all of today’s modern glass types. For us, it’s vital to be able to keep up-todate with the latest development trendsin coated glass and continue so we can serve our customers with the wide range of products they’ve come to expect from us.”

RC200 tempering furnace at PJB Glass Group UK

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