Being highly focused on flat glass processes for partitioning used in the office industry, Tufwell Glass Ltd has carved out a unique and resilient position for itself in southeast region of England. Backed by over 30 years of business success, the company reached the point where it needed to increase its toughening capacity. The Glaston RC200 flat tempering furnace fit the company’s specifications nicely, now enabling Tufwell to work more quickly and efficiently with the additional throughput.

In January 2015, Tufwell made the decision to purchase the RC200 furnace. “The delivery was within one week of what was initially stated, which is excellent,” Andy Maslin, Managing Director of Tufwell confirms. “Commissioning went exceptionally well. It took just three weeks to put everything together. Glaston’s lead engineer who took care of the commissioning and acceptance tests was very knowledgeable,” he continues.

“Once commissioning was completed, we were pleasantly surprised that we were processing glass within one day! And we are also very pleased with the glass quality,” he emphasizes.

RC200 tempering furnace at Tufwell Glass UK
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