We’re happy to present the next chapter in the glass heat treatment business at this year’s Glasstec 2016 by combining our technology leadership with smart connectivity. With a strong focus on giving customers the best possible experience and business results, we will introduce our latest innovations to help glass processors reach an even higher level of performance.

Glaston Insight – excellence comes standard

In our highly networked world today, huge amounts of data can be combined into valuable information with smart data analysis that leads to faster response times, increased efficiency and lower costs in business processes. This is the future – and exactly what Glaston Insight is all about.

Glaston Insight is a platform that gathers global processing data and transforms it into production excellence. The result is improved automation based on actual measured data from your machinery that enables you to get excellence as standard.

Glaston Insight brings you new smart tools to improve your machinery productivity, uptime and profitability. You can monitor your heat treatment machinery online and get immediate feedback from production, quality and maintenance – wherever you are.

This is the journey we have created to help digitalize your heat treatment business. And we encourage you to be part of the movement by joining the Glaston Insight community.

All-new flat tempering range

We launched our RC200 and FC500 flat glass tempering furnaces at Glasstec in 2010. Since then, over 300 lines have been sold, making these furnaces the most successful premium tempering lines in history.

This year, we will again be setting new flat tempering standards with our renewed FC and RC Series. Being a masterpiece of intelligence, the FC Series provides a range of cutting-edge technological features for even more efficient flat glass processing, while the RC Series offers unprecedented flexibility, ease of use and consistently high glass quality. We also offer the FC and RC Series based heating chamber replacements, which allow your existing tempering line to meet the latest market demands in high glass quality and Low-E processing.

Game-changer in glass lamination

Glaston’s ProL innovation now allows lamination production to be managed using only the glass thickness, leaving all other parameters unchanged.

This is a true game-changer developed to increase laminated line yield, reduce waste and improve the quality of all glass types. The unit is available as an upgrade for any laminating line brand.

Glass tempering LIVE

Special this year, Glaston will be showcasing something that has never been done before. Come see us temper glass live in Hall 15, Booth A 41 to experience the performance of today’s premium tempering lines.

Don’t miss your chance to see what we call production excellence for real!

Glaston at Glasstec 2016