Glaston Corporation                  Inside information          28 April 2020 at 13.00

Due to the significant deterioration in the global financial situation following the coronavirus and the rapid changes in the company's business environment Glaston Corporation’s Board of Directors has today in its meeting decided to amend the capital repayment proposal. The Board of Directors proposes to the General Meeting that no return on capital shall be distributed.

The Board of Directors of Glaston Corporation has decided to convene the Annual General Meeting to be held on Thursday, 28 May 2020, and in this connection decided on an exceptional meeting procedure in accordance with the temporary legislation given by the Finnish Government on 24 May 2020. This enables to hold the meeting by remote participation during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Notice to convene the Annual General Meeting will be published as soon as possible.

On 20 March 2020, Glaston informed that the company has decided to postpone its Annual General Meeting which was originally scheduled to be held on Thursday, 2 April 2020, to a later date.

Glaston Corporation
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Glaston Corporation
Glaston is the glass processing industry’s innovative technology leader supplying equipment, services and solutions to the architectural, automotive, solar and appliance industries. The company also supports the development of emerging technologies integrating intelligence to glass.

As of April 2019, Bystronic glass is part of Glaston Group. Together we are committed to providing our clients with both the best know-how and the latest technologies in glass processing, with the purpose of building a better tomorrow through safer, smarter, and more energy efficient glass solutions. We operate globally with manufacturing, services and sales offices in 11 countries. Glaston’s shares (GLA1V) are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.  


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