Glaston Corporation                                 Press Release                        23.11.2023 14.00 EET

Glaston has received an order from Finn Lamex Safety Glass, an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specializing in windscreens for buses and coaches. The order for the Glaston ScreenMax bending furnace is booked in Glaston’s Q4/2023 order book and the bending furnace will be delivered in Q3/2024.

Finn Lamex is a Finnish-based global manufacturer of top-quality laminated windscreens for commercial vehicles and off-road machinery. They specialize in windscreens for buses and coaches. For example, on the red double-decker buses in London, one can see their windscreens.

In the automotive industry, the demand for special glass and demanding sized and challenging shaped glass has increased. To match increased capacity needs, and to add the latest glass bending technology into their production capabilities, Finn Lamex decided to extend their existing ScreenMax fleet with a new bending furnace.

Glaston ScreenMax bending furnace provides the customer with a modular construction that enables flexible production capacity increase. In addition to accurate glass shape control, Finn Lamex can rely on automated processing features for more complex production.

“Our goal is to meet the most demanding requirements of our clients. We are renowned for our ability to work with demanding glass and challenging shapes. We pay attention to detail that makes premium quality and successful deliveries possible. Having the latest technology available is a key ingredient when designing our production capabilities for growth,” says Tero Toivanen, Managing Director of Finn Lamex.

“We are proud to be working with leading companies in their fields, and having long-lasting relationships with our customers. Finn Lamex has a proven track record in glass processing and using machinery in a way that is benchmarked globally. Placing their trust in choosing Glaston technology is important for us,” says José Yepes, SVP Mobility, Display & Solar at Glaston Corporation.

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