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HYPERFEX Grinding System

HYPERFEX is a new holistic approach taking into account all process relevant parameters. In combination with the HYPERFEX Administrator software, which pioneers the communication between grinding wheel and control system, there are opening up huge improvement potentials:

  • Cycle time and machine performance
  • Grinding quality
  • Grinding wheel life time

In focus so far:

Grinding wheel only

In focus at Glaston:

The entire process

Until now, grinding wheels have been developed by manufacturers without a view of the overall process. There are however multiple important factors interacting with each other, to be considered to achieve a perfect grinding result. The grinding wheel as such needs to fit perfectly like a puzzle to all these factors.

In a project lasting several years, Glaston has developed its own grinding wheels in cooperation with experts and research institutions.

Our individually composed grinding wheels are the perfect match to comply with all application quirements.

Aspects of the overall process are

  • Cutting- and breaking process, grinding allowance
  • Stiffness and vibration behaviour of the construction elements
  • Wear condition of the machine
  • Repetition accuracy of the CNC axes
  • Optimized speed and acceleration of all machine axes
  • Coolant system and fluid technology of the nozzle rings
  • Specific customer quality requirements
  • Machine generation and upgrade possibilities to latest ACS

The new product family

Depending on application and process, the use of VOLUME, FAST or FINE grinding wheels will lead to the best possible result.

Technical background:

Multigroove grinding wheels

  • High-precision Z-axis adjustment on all Glaston machines as a precondition
  • The HYPERFEX Administrator software enables the communication between grinding wheel and control system to easily handle up to 10 grooves in one wheel
  • Huge potential in improved efficiency

Grinding wheels with different compositions as sandwich

  • High-precision Z-axis adjustment on all Glaston machines as a precondition
  • The Multi Grinding software enables repeated grinding cycles with up to three grinding wheels of different compositions
  • Customized wheel compositions ensure grinding results close to polishing

Glaston digital services

  • Subscription based Insight Automotive PLUS:
    Saves approx. 20 min. time for each model change without any piece of scrap
  • Subscription based Insight Automotive PRO:
    Self adjusting machine parameters based on constant grinding process monitoring
  • Automatic tool break-in for new and re-profiled tools
  • All Glaston digital services can be retrofitted as an upgrade for machines from 2010 onwards


Jaakko-Tuote, Finland

#flat glass laminating #laminating #ProL #ProL-zone #reference #upgrades

“The idea of investing in Glaston’s ProL-zone laminating furnace started as an R&D project for us. We wanted to see how it functions on one of our own safety glass lamination machines built in-house. The goal for us is to raise capacity and improve our lamination line’s energy efficiency. We’re starting an extremely demanding safety glass project and plan to put ProL-zone to the test,” says Aki Harjunpää, CEO of Jaakko-Tuote, Finland.

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Kristal, Bosnia and Herzegovina

#automation #iControL #scanner #upgrades

“We purchased the Glaston iControL and scanner upgrade to solve any concern with software or spare parts availability before they became an issue. Once installed, the upgrade helped us win a large glass façade project in Indonesia that required extremely high quality. Both we and Glaston can be proud of the high level of quality achieved,” says Matea Franjić, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Kristal in Vitez, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Walshs Glass, Australia

#architectural #automation #glass processing #glass tempering #glass tempering process #iControL #reference #RHC #safety glass #tempered glass #upgrades

In January 2021, Walshs Glass in Western Australia began using their Glaston RHC upgrade, enabling them to improve glass flatness and optical quality. “Today, we’re positioned to take advantage of the rapidly changing glass processing demands in Western Australia," says Steve Cuff, Executive Operations Manager at Walshs Glass.

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