We at Glaston believe sharing is caring. Very little information and know-how related to glass processing has been openly available until now. With the idea of making the glass processing industry more accessible and clear, we created Glastory for everyone to learn, use and succeed.

Glastory is a one-of-a-kind community for collaboration of glass processors and users. By connecting its members to insightful stories, visionary experts, exclusive resources, such as research, eBooks and other inspiring content, Glastory is all about making a difference and driving results.

Plus, you get access to community knowledge through the blog series #AskGlaston, where your posted questions are answered and discussed. Being a revolutionary tool for solving your business challenges and improving performance, the blog can be used by filling out a form on the website or tweeting with #AskGlaston.

We invite you to join the conversation today by signing up at the Glastory website and turn what you learn into your success.