At China Glass this May, we will showcase our top products developed with smart technologies, interconnected machines and online reporting to help glass processors reach the highest level of quality and glass processing performance possible.

We have a long history of leading with product innovation and the world’s firsts in technology. Our recently introduced IoT smart technologies, the Glaston Insight platform, allows machinery to be interconnected with each other, its operators, site managers and business owners. Now it is easier to follow performance, output, maintenance and more with online reporting.

Glaston FC and RC Series – Built-in intelligence
We are setting new flat tempering standards with our renewed RC and FC Series featuring built-in intelligence with Glaston Insight Assistant. This gives operators their own assistant to automatically adjust furnace settings based on measured glass size and loading pattern information to determine the best production heating setting. It’s also a perfect scanner to verify uniform glass heating, especially for demanding Low-E coatings. Glaston Insight Reporting is an extensive reporting system, which brings smart tools to improve glass processing machinery productivity, uptime and profitability. Now it’s possible to monitor heat treatment machinery online and get immediate feedback from anywhere in the world.

Any existing Glaston (Tamglass, Uniglass, Glassrobots) flat tempering furnace heating chamber can now be upgraded to an FC or RC Series based heating chamber and includes Glaston iControL. The iControL automation platform provides the intelligence needed to meet the latest processing demands. This platform extends the lifetime of any tempering line and features the easiest user interface in the market. It also includes Glaston’s extensive reporting systems, like Glaston Insight Reporting, for higher quality, energy savings and production reports.

GlastonAir – The thinnest and lightest solar panels in the market
The solar market has clearly picked up during the past year. An increasing number of panel manufacturers are moving towards 2.0 mm or even thinner solutions. GlastonAir thin glass tempering line offers a high-volume solution for the thinnest heat-treated glasses in the market with full safety glass fragmentation.

Glaston ProL – Revolutionizes laminated glass production
ProL helps reach a production capacity balance with Low-E and clear glass because its full convection technology does not differentiate between glass types or product modes. The convection system provides accurate and optimized heat transfer. This gives consistently superb glass quality and an up to 100% capacity increase over traditional infrared heating. ProL is available as an upgrade for any laminating line in the market.

Glaston Matrix – Maximum yield and flexibility for windshield bending
This automatic windshield bending furnace is the flagship for fast, efficient and high-performance windshield production. New active convection heating enhances conductive or heat-reflexive coatings. Gravity bending allows you to create the most demanding windshield shapes, including deep sags and wrap-around corners, in a cost-effective way. You can use different types of molds at the same time, which makes it the best bending process for replacement windshields. The press bending process is ideal for OEMs. It is relatively simple with only two phases: heating the glass and using molds to press it into the desired shape. This gives you very high output, good repeatability and tight tolerances.

Heat treatment knowledge available to you
At China Glass, our experts will be available to provide you with recommendations and solutions for any of your glass processing challenges. Come ask us more!
Hall E1, Stand 313

Glaston at China Glass 2017