Bend the most demanding windshields with precision

Looking to produce the best windshields?
Here are three reasons why Glaston MATRIX & MATRIX EVO is your best choice


Processes the most complicated shapes

  • OEM single-model and mixed production of windshields and sunroofs
  • Active convection combined with ultimate bending control
  • Optional press bending system for ADAS and HUD features


Supreme quality

  • Convection technology for easiest processing of coated and screen-printed glasses
  • Most uniform heating results with the highest optical quality and yield
  • Made in Finland from engineering to production


Lowest operational cost for the fastest ROI

  • Lowest energy consumption with convection pre-heating
  • Lighter mold design thanks to advanced heating technology and minimized footprint
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to robust design

Maximum performance with high yield and flexibility

Our focus is to produce the most complicated glasses to perfection. This is what MATRIX & MATRIX EVO is designed for, in single-model or mixed production. Bending technology supported by over 50 years of process expertise is our key to your success.

For the best bending results, you want the glass sheets to be evenly heated. MATRIX & MATRIX EVO achieves this through active convection preheating combined with ultimate shape control in the final bending.

With convection, the temperature rises uniformly throughout the glass surface, resulting in easier shape control and a shorter bending cycle. In the final bending, MATRIX & MATRIX EVO uses a dense control matrix combined with groove-fitted heaters to ensure ultimate shape control.


Lippert Components, USA

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Tim Widner at Lippert Components in the US is sharing his and his team's experiences working with the Glaston glass processing machinery. "The new equipment has been a great addition to us. We are able to one-piece flow our raw material through our line, hands-free. No humans come in contact with the glass until it is fully tempered and at the end of the process."

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Paragon Tempered Glass, U.S.A.

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“When we saw the CHAMP 25 a few years ago, we knew this was the future we should pursue for our next round of capital expenditures,” says Dan Wright, CEO of Paragon Tempered Glass.  

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Long Nhien, Vietnam

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“The market in Vietnam for cars is very large with lots of room for growth. People are becoming wealthier, and sitting in a car is more comfortable than being on a scooter, which may be prohibited in the next few years,” says Nguyen Phuong Tran, Production Manager, and son of Long Nhien Automotive Glass’s owners, about his home market. “The Glaston Matrix windshield bending furnace is a stepping stone for us to tap into this rapidly expanding business of hundreds of thousands new cars per year.”

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