Automatic sealing

Continuous sealing of insulating glass units of different formats and dimensions

Reliable solutions for automated insulating glass unit sealing


Continuous, automatic sealing of I.G. units in varying formats and dimensions


Fast, volume-controlled dosing system


Excellent mixing and dosing quality


High-speed sealing robot for insulating glass units


Slowly was yesterday

With it you can really step on the gas

  • Highly accurate dosing technology for instant adjustment of volumes when there are changes in the joint depth
  • Optimum sealing quality, even with changes in temperature and material batch as well as at the start of production
  • Self monitoring, constant mixing ratio of the two material components
  • Self-cleaning, flow optimized mixer prevents clogging of the mixing section
  • Slight wear and tear due to the very low fluid pressure
  • Graphical user interface for intuitive control through a touch-screen


Reliable sealing robot


High quality automatic sealing

The solution for a wide range of I.G. products

  • Excellent mixing and dosing quality for all field-proven 1- or 2 component sealants for insulating glass
  • Gear pump dosing technology ensures exact dosing
  • Exact sealing all-around, even in case of irregular sealing depths
  • Automatic nozzle centering
  • Electronically adjustable mixing ratio
  • Quick-action lock system for fast exchange of the nozzle and the mixing unit
  • Graphical user interface for intuitive control via touch-screen


  • Measuring device for triple I.G. units
  • Sealing depth up to 20 mm


Sealing technology with new dimensions


Automatic sealing on highest level

The solution for maxium requirements

  • Continuous, automatic sealing of insulating glass units of different formats and dimensions, specifically for large-dimensioned elements up to 18 m length (XXL version)
  • Homogeneously sealed corners due to nozzle /spatula system
  • Patented conveyor systems for safe and clean transport
  • Modular engineering concept


  • Automatic sealing of 1- up to 4-sided stepped insulating glass units
  • Automatic sealing material changing system – up to 10 times faster than other systems
  • 200 litres drum pump for B component
  • Several undergripping options available in the discharge area
  • Nozzles for special applications


Jaakko-Tuote, Finland

#appliances #architectural #FC Series #Flat tempering #iLooK #Jumbo Series

“Designers are working with even larger glass surfaces, which requires more tempered and tempered-laminated glass. So, we decided to boldly invest in technology that enables us to be in the game,” says Aki Harjunpää, CEO of Jaakko-Tuote of Finland. “Along with other machinery, Glaston’s FC-technology-based Jumbo Series is helping us specialize in highly demanding, world-class glazed structures.”

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Glassworks, Australia

#appliances #architectural #FC Series #Flat tempering

“Our aim has always been to bring the best technology and machinery from around the world to serve our market with highly customized solutions in glass,” says Michael Gleeson, Executive Director of Glassworks, in Melbourne, Australia. “With the addition of the Glaston FC Series furnace, we are now capable of handling even larger and more sophisticated pieces, bringing new dimensions in glass innovation to Australia.”

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Long Nhien, Vietnam

#automotive #bending #Matrix #windshield

“The market in Vietnam for cars is very large with lots of room for growth. People are becoming wealthier, and sitting in a car is more comfortable than being on a scooter, which may be prohibited in the next few years,” says Nguyen Phuong Tran, Production Manager, and son of Long Nhien Automotive Glass’s owners, about his home market. “The Glaston Matrix windshield bending furnace is a stepping stone for us to tap into this rapidly expanding business of hundreds of thousands new cars per year.”

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