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Tailoring a unique spacer application approach for world-class insulating glass

“I walk through our insulating glass production facility every day with pride,” says Daniel Bruckelt, Production Manager Insulating Glass of AGC Interpane in Plattling, Germany. “Not just because everything is so well organized and structured, but also because Glaston has given us a coherent concept for our unique insulating glass (IG) production. And this is what allows us to remain top-of-mind for challenging world-class projects.”

AGC Interpane’s Plattling plant, located at the gateway to the Bavarian Forest, produces high-quality semi-finished glass products and insulating glass. Since 2012, AGC Interpane has been coating glass up to 18 m x 3.21 m. This extra-long glass can be coated with a variety of solar control layers or iplus thermal insulation layers.

AGC Interpane’s Plattling site specializes in processing logistically complex, fixed-size insulating glass orders. The company’s magnetron sputtering system, a physical vapor deposition method that produces thin films and coating, differentiates the company from its competition. The system allows AGC Interpane to offer high-quality façade glass from a single source.

AGC Interpane has been a long-term customer of Glaston and the earlier brands that now belong to the Glaston family. The company currently has three Glaston insulating glass lines and one Glaston tempering line. The most recent addition, the Glaston JUMBO XXL FLEX line, was customized for AGC Interpane. The line was ordered in 2021 and commissioned in April 2022. It allows AGC Interpane to automatically produce jumbo formats up to 3.3 x 6 m.

Earlier, these could only be produced semi-automatically or with additional manual effort. The line includes standard components for edge deletion, glass cleaning and glass inspection as well as several specially engineered features.

“Glaston has given AGC Interpane a unique constellation in the spacer application sector. We are the only ones in the world to have this configuration. The UNIT’ASSEMBLER allows us to process special shapes and fill them automatically with gas. The SPEED’SEALER has eliminated any bottleneck at the end of the line. This means that it is now possible to automatically produce large insulating glass units weighing up to 600 kg / m.”

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