Maximum precision and productivity for automotive glass displays

Looking for highly efficient pre-cutting, breaking and grinding of automotive glass displays?
Here are three reasons why Glaston BRIGHT 9 is your best choice


High repetition accuracy and minimal grinding allowance


High degree of automation


Two double cutting and breaking machines

Glaston BRIGHT 9 is a line for the highly efficient and precise pre-cutting, shape cutting, breaking and grinding of automotive glass displays. The design not only offers a process-optimized line layout, but also various expansion options using upgrade kits.

  • High repetition accuracy and minimal grinding allowance with a precise cutting and breaking tool
  • High degree of automation with short changeover time
  • Line with two double cutting and breaking machines for the highest efficiency in the smallest space
  • Integrated pre-cutting to feed up to two cells
  • Suitable for rectangular and free-shaped displays
  • Excellent edge quality


Increased capacity with two cells and fully integrated pre-cutting


Separate processing cells for a reduced footprint


Press Glass Inc., U.S.A.

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Since establishing their presence in the US through an acquisition, Poland-based Press Glass has continued its brisk growth based on the same values that make it the #1 glass fabricator in Europe and the UK. The company’s latest US investment is a Glaston ProL convection control upgrade at its Ridgeway, Virginia, plant.

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Walshs Glass, Australia

#architectural #automation #glass processing #glass tempering #glass tempering process #iControL #reference #RHC #safety glass #tempered glass #upgrades

In January 2021, Walshs Glass in Western Australia began using their Glaston RHC upgrade, enabling them to improve glass flatness and optical quality. “Today, we’re positioned to take advantage of the rapidly changing glass processing demands in Western Australia," says Steve Cuff, Executive Operations Manager at Walshs Glass.

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Paragon Tempered Glass, U.S.A.

#automation #automotive #automotive glass #CHAMP #glass processing #Matrix #pre-processing #thin glass #windshield

“When we saw the CHAMP 25 a few years ago, we knew this was the future we should pursue for our next round of capital expenditures,” says Dan Wright, CEO of Paragon Tempered Glass.  

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