Butyl extruding

Efficient manufacturing process through simplified logistics

Butylcoating made easy


Optimized coating quality of rectangular and shaped formats


Spacer width measuring device


Controlled heating circuits and low energy consumption

butylextruder BEZ

Double sided coating of spacer frames with thermoplastic sealants

  • Suitable for coating of rectangular and shaped spacer frames as well as for spacer frames with muntin bars
  • Automatic and speed dependent adjustment of hold down rollers and nozzle open/close
  • Specially designed hold down roller for radiusshaped spacers
  • Processing of different spacer heights by adjustment of the nozzle height
  • Infinitely adjustment for pressure, temperature and coating speed

Precise coating

  • Convenient and fast refilling of the sealant into vertical tilted material cylinder with quick change attachment
  • Automatic evacuating system and low level indicator
  • Timer for preheating the sealant material, with weekly program sequence
  • Short heat-up cycle by optimized heating circuits
  • Low energy consumption in standard operation, low-noise operation

butyler BA

Precise and user-friendly spacer frame coating with butyl.

  • Stepless automatic nozzle adjustment for spacer width 5 – 24 mm (0.20 – 0.94 in.), 12 pre-adjustable spacer widths possible
  • Interruption free, long term operation via 200 litres butyl drum pump system
  • Frame transport system incorporating servo motors as well as application speed control for reliable application also on the corner sections
  • Positioning stops and frame guidings for speedy precision, high repetition application
  • Gentle turning of spacer frames via stepless adjustable rotating speed, dependent on spacer frame dimension
  • Double gripper system, automatic outer gripper activation for safe support and fast rotation of larger frames
  • Sealant feeding to nozzles via temperature controlled pipe system with controlled heating circuits for gentle material treatment


  • Semi-automatic quick adjustment for different spacer height butyl coating
  • Additional equipment for automatic frame coating with muntin bars
  • Coating process can be switched over for bent radius corners and key corners
  • Run in conveyor for uncoated frames
  • Overhead frame conveyor for storage and automatic transfer of uncoated frames
  • Overhead frame conveyor for automatic takeover and storage of coated frames
  • Additional equipment for frame tilting if support walls are opposed slanted
  • Equipment for butyl processing with abrasive effects


PLG, Finland

#architectural #Flat tempering #RC Series #Upgrades

“We’ve always been an important partner to the large window manufacturers in Finland. Listening to their needs and responding has helped us stay competitive in this market,” Tommi Nousiainen, CEO of PLG in Finland, explains. “We were not specifically looking for a tempering furnace. But when our customers began to require high-quality tempered glass, we moved swiftly ahead with an entry-level Glaston RC model. Since then, we have already been able to upgrade the line twice in response to the rapidly evolving market.” 

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Lasiliiri, Finland

#appliances #architectural #Flat tempering #Heating chamber replacement #iControL #Upgrades

“Although our goal is to be one of the leading smart and safety glass manufacturers in Finland, we didn’t have the time needed to install a completely new furnace,” says Raiko Mäkeläinen, Technical Manager at Lasiliiri. “Instead, we went with a significant Glaston’s FC-zone upgrade, which enabled us to leapfrog to the very latest heating technology in a quick, cost-effective and sustainable manner.”

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Jaakko-Tuote, Finland

#appliances #architectural #FC Series #Flat tempering #iLooK #Jumbo Series

“Designers are working with even larger glass surfaces, which requires more tempered and tempered-laminated glass. So, we decided to boldly invest in technology that enables us to be in the game,” says Aki Harjunpää, CEO of Jaakko-Tuote of Finland. “Along with other machinery, Glaston’s FC-technology-based Jumbo Series is helping us specialize in highly demanding, world-class glazed structures.”

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