Edge processing

Quick and economical high quality glass arrissing

Economical high quality arrissing


Automatic arrissing of rectangles and shapes with straight edges


Cup wheel technology for best arrissing quality at low operating costs


No contact of coated surface of low-E glass


Modular and versatile

  • Compact design, minimal space requirement
  • Integrated rinsing zone, preserves the water demineralizing of the washing machine
  • Wide range of application:
    – stand-alone, e.g. in tempered glass manufacturing
    – integrated into an insulating glass production line

Economical and accurate

  • Accurate cup wheel technology and wet arrissing process for:
    – outstanding edge quality
    – improved yield
  • Individual adaptation of the cup wheels to different edge geometries for optimal arrissing results

Automatic and flexible

  • Automatic arrissing process
  • Processing of different glass types, e.g. float and laminated glass
  • No contact of coated surface of low-E glass
  • Suitable for rectangles and shapes with up to eight straight edges

Intelligent and user-friendly

  • Ease of use and minimal handling
  • Self-controlling solution, no data input necessary


Jaakko-Tuote, Finland

#appliances #architectural #FC Series #Flat tempering #iLooK #Jumbo Series

“Designers are working with even larger glass surfaces, which requires more tempered and tempered-laminated glass. So, we decided to boldly invest in technology that enables us to be in the game,” says Aki Harjunpää, CEO of Jaakko-Tuote of Finland. “Along with other machinery, Glaston’s FC-technology-based Jumbo Series is helping us specialize in highly demanding, world-class glazed structures.”

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Glassworks, Australia

#appliances #architectural #FC Series #Flat tempering

“Our aim has always been to bring the best technology and machinery from around the world to serve our market with highly customized solutions in glass,” says Michael Gleeson, Executive Director of Glassworks, in Melbourne, Australia. “With the addition of the Glaston FC Series furnace, we are now capable of handling even larger and more sophisticated pieces, bringing new dimensions in glass innovation to Australia.”

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Bojar, Poland

#anisotropy #architectural #FC Series #iLooK #iridescence

“Be it architects, façade engineers or homeowners, people expect high-quality glass products with shorter delivery times. Execution, precision, accuracy and aesthetics all affect customer satisfaction – and higher customer satisfaction leads to extended relationships and more business. We are proud that Bojar is one of only a few companies in the market that offers tempered glass without visible anisotropy,” says Krzysztof Harasimowicz, Bojar Sales Director.

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