Inspection / Frame applicating

Automatic or manual frame positioning for conventional spacers

Choose between either manual frame setting with visual control station or take the fully automatic spacer frame application machine


Effective and quick glass plate control


Automatic feeding and precise butyl coated spacer frame application


Continuous application in any sequence for different spacer frame features


Visual inspection of glass plates & manual positioning of spacer frames

  • Total visual surface monitoring of glass plates, supported on upper and lower edge only
  • Contrastive lighting of inspection area for effective and quick glass plate control
  • Automatic adjustment of vertical movable roller girder
  • Program controlled vertical- and horizontal frame positioning girder for quick and exact application of butyl coated spacer frames

Quick glass inspection

  • Non-soiling glass plate transport
  • Automatic adjustment of frame positioning girder according to present glass thickness
  • Quick adjustment for frame setback
  • Operation programs for double and triple insulating glass units
  • Manual adjustment of movable roller girder for shaped formats
  • Start/stop – control of transport by foot switch
  • Operator guidance by coloured signal-lights


  • Frame positioning girders, vertical and horizontal, with automatic adjustment for glass thickness from 3 mm (0.118”) up to 80 mm (3.149”)
  • Larger frame setback, horizontal and vertical stepless adjustable
  • Rear access to inspection station


Continual precision rectangular spacer frame application – in any sequence for different frame dimensions, spacer widths and glass thicknesses.

  • Automatic feeding and precise butyl coated spacer frame application for squared and rectangular formats
  • Accurate frame segment alignment via controlled gripper system
  • Gentle and correct spacer frame positioning on glass plate, no butyl sealant damage
  • Linear sagged spacer frame alignment
  • Congruent frame position to accommodate triple insulating glass unit production
  • Measuring device for automatic spacer and glass dimension comparison preventing application in case of irregularities
  • Continuously high output, irrespective of different dimension processing


  • Adjustment device for different frame setback
  • Additional equipment for automatic spacer frame application with muntin bars
  • Installation in tandem version


BVGlazing Systems, Canada

#architectural #FC Series #Flat tempering #RC Series

"Glass has become a feature of the building – not just something you’re looking through. That’s why all the glass we deliver must be of the highest possible quality,” says Andrew Dolphin, General Manager Glass Operations at BVGlazing in Toronto. “Glaston’s RC350 and FC500 have helped us expand our business to greater capacity with outstanding glass quality.”

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AGP, New Zealand

#architectural #architectural glass #FC Series #iLooK

"We designed our brand-new plant to deliver high performance results, combining our vision for machinery with our personnel selection to offer a superior product and service to our customers. We chose two Glaston FC tempering lines for repeatable and reliable quality results,” says David Bunting, General Manager of Architectural Glass Products (AGP)."

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PLG, Finland

#architectural #Flat tempering #RC Series #Upgrades

“We’ve always been an important partner to the large window manufacturers in Finland. Listening to their needs and responding has helped us stay competitive in this market,” Tommi Nousiainen, CEO of PLG in Finland, explains. “We were not specifically looking for a tempering furnace. But when our customers began to require high-quality tempered glass, we moved swiftly ahead with an entry-level Glaston RC model. Since then, we have already been able to upgrade the line twice in response to the rapidly evolving market.” 

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Important service factors in glass lamination

Did you know that the laminating line maintenance cost can vary greatly depending on your specific technology? For example, furnaces with infrared heating technology...

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